Wittenoom residents to be forced out.

From ABC NEWS First posted Wed at 6:40am Wed 20 Mar 2019, 6:40 am
As one of Australia’s most, but the three remaining.
The last three of inhabitants of the remote town of Wittenoom refuse leave. Known as one of the most lethal settlements and documented as the most contaminated locations in the Southern Hemisphere.
Key points from the article- WA Government aims to legislate compulsory acquisition of Wittenoom residents’ properties
Successive state governments have attempted to buy them out
More than 2,000 deaths linked to blue asbestos mining town, where operations ceased in 1966. Expert says site may never be safe for human habitation.
300 former mine workers to die of the disease
Wittenoom was the blue asbestos mining town, in Western Australia’s northwest Pilbara region. Previous governments have tried to buy out those remaining without success, even after the town was struck from the register and new maps since 2007.
The forced purchase is being done for the safety of the remaining residents, and to reduce the flow of tourists who continue to put themselves in harm’s way for over 50 years since 1966 when the town was permanently closed.
Don’t wander through the gorges.
“The danger of blue asbestos is well-known and well-documented”. Regrettably some locals encourage visitors to see Wittenoom and the highly dangerous nearby gorges. Evidence is across social media in selfies and images around the former mine site as posters unwittingly or stupidly using the asbestos dusty roads to access contaminated sites of Wittenoom.

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