Project Experience

We are experienced in the removal of the following asbestos containing situations in sheds, residential housing, commercial facilities and large scale soil remediation:

  • All bonded ACM fibre cement sheeting from houses, buildings and sheds.
  • Spraying (Encapsulation) of Asbestos fences, roofs, walls, both inside and out.
  • An inexpensive medium term solution, generally using ‘Crommelins’ products which carry a 10 year product warranty.
  • ACM fibre cement fencing and capping, including subsurface removal.
  • ACM corrugated fibre cement roof sheeting.
  • Buried ACM pipework.
  • Site cleanups of fly-tipped and dumped ACM sheeting and debris fragments.
  • Soil remediation and validation in accordance with DoH Guidelines.
  • HEPA vacuuming for free fibres.
  • Asbestos surveys, laboratory analysis of potential ACM samples and airborne fibre monitoring can be arranged by Fremantle Asbestos Removal.

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